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At Amayi Foods, we are passionate about African food and what it has to offer to the world! So we focus on providing our customers with the best African food experience by making delicious, affordable and convenient products in a manner that is consistent with best practice and beneficial to our community and country.

While we never compromise on taste and quality, we also understand that food needs to address the reality of peoples’ lives.  It’s true that we are all busier, have less time to cook, and are experiencing increasingly tight budgets due to the challenging economic times.  But it’s also true that we still love and value high quality African food and we also still value the time spent with friends and family.

At Amayi, we want to make it more convenient and affordable for you to eat the food you love while giving you more time to spend on the people and experiences you value most.

Our high quality products are developed to enable you to prepare all the meals you love within 30 minutes or less and can be used in a wide range of ways, are easily stored and are affordably priced.  All to make your life easier!

Amayi Foods is a Nigerian company and one of our core beliefs is ensuring that we have a positive impact on our operating environment. Therefore, we are proud of the fact that all our products are produced from scratch at our facility in Lagos and that our staff is primarily recruited from our local community.

We also take pride in the fact that we source most of our inputs locally and, in so doing, are supporting the country’s agricultural/agro-processing sector. Our goal is that as we grow we will play a significant role in building up the local supply chain.

Our goal is to build a world class company that delivers African food to the world.